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On the Horizon:  

We look forward to seeing you at our events in this coming year.
On March 25, 2023 and April 8, 2023 join us for our first 
CE Consultation group, held by Dr Alex Wong and Dr Sharon Thomas.
On April 22. 2023 we will hold our second Diversity Conference.
The Theme for this year conference is:
Brdiging the Gap: Representation and Allyship.
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Presidents Message 

Message from SGVPA's President Wayne Kao, Psy.D., March 2023


In the Ocean

by Wayne Kao, PsyD.


In the Ocean

I may not make waves

But I will continue to splash in the water

In the Ocean

I may not be heard

But I will continue to make noise

In the Ocean

I will swim with Dr. Alex Wong and Dr. Shannon Thomas

We will explore the caves of spirituality and religion

I will dive with Dr. Enrico Gnaulati

Paddling through the depths of humanity


In the Ocean

I will explore the many treasures to eat

I will reach out to Dr. Sam Alibrando

For his wisdom that precedes me

In the Ocean

With Dr. Amee Velasco

We will create a space to seek wisdom, safety, and friendship

In the Ocean

I will look out to what I do not yet see

In the Ocean

I will make waves 

Hello all,

I just wanted to thank everyone for a successful January Jubilee and thank you for your continued support of SGVPA. As we continue through another successful year, I wanted to update everyone on some upcoming events.

We recently met for a couple of Lunches with the President at Guilin Noodles in Monterey Park and Lord Empanada in Monrovia. In coming months, we will explore Clifton’s BBQ in Pasadena and more to come.

We have our first CE consultation group with Drs. Alex Wong and Shannon Thomas, as they will discuss Religion and Spirituality in Clinical Practice. These events will be on March 25 and April 8



We also have our 2
nd annual Diversity Conference at Whimsy in Pasadena on April 22.


I am also working with Dr. Enrico Gnaulati and Dr. Sam Alibrando on further Continuing education opportunities. I thank everyone for the gracious collaboration.