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A message from the Board about volience in our world.

Dear SGVPA- As an association of psychologists, the Board of SGVPA is deeply concerned by the recent violence that has occurred both nationally and internationally, targeting the LGBTQ community, Black men, police officers, religious groups, as well as hundreds of … Read More

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January Jubilee 2016!!

It’s time to hold the date for the annual January Jubilee—which will be held on Friday January 29, 2016!! Remember, we are the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association… So this year, we will venture to the outer southwest edge of … Read More

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Voices of Experience: Panel Discussion!

This program taps the collective wisdom of over 100 years of clinical experience. Moderator, Dr. Daniel Linscott will pose probing questions to a panel of seasoned Psychologists about their experience developing and sustaining a private practice. The panel will be … Read More

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CPA-PAC Fundraiser!

Political Action Committee (CPA-PAC) AT A BREAKFAST PANEL DISCUSSION Saturday, September 26, 2015 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Psychological Turf: Advancing and Protecting Our Scope of Practice in California Come be inspired by stories about turning professional passions into public … Read More

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