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Chances are that you are currently involved in some type of conflict or dispute and are seeking help in solving it.

I’ve found myself on your side of the table on quite a few occasions, most of which occurred before I ever graduated from college. On each occasion, I failed to see how anyone could refer to it as a “justice system” with a straight face.

When personally involved in a legal dispute either as a party, trustee/executor, or child of divorcing parents, I’ve experienced anger, fear, anxiety, disgust, grief, shame, humiliation, abandonment, and a sense that I was unloved.

Unfortunately, the legal system is incapable of dispensing emotional justice, and I’ve come to learn that one of the gravest mistakes people make is equating law with concepts of justice and fairness.

I recently published an article in which I explain how and why my personal background led me into the field of mediation. That article can be found online and is titled What Drives Your Passion? I Certainly Know What Drives Mine.

When I decided to apply to law school, I never intended on practicing law. Instead, I thought that if I better understood the law and the inner workings of our legal system, I could use my knowledge to help steer people away from getting involved with the system in the first place.

Had I known about mediation then, there’s no question I would have pursued a career in mediation at that time.

My background and life experiences led me to pursue a career in mediation and motivate me to spend the time I spend doing the research and writing I do, using the social media, and otherwise trying to constantly gain more knowledge and improve my skills, while also working tirelessly to try and educate people about the realities of our legal system and the available alternatives.

I specialize in guided problem-solving. I believe that people contact attorneys and mediators because they are seeking assistance in solving problems.

I assist people in bridging the gap between them, regardless of the size. I help de-escalate conflicts and facilitate problem-solving. As angry as you may be, keep in mind that fighting and “winning” don’t solve problems and that mediators, peacemakers and bridge builders are not needed in times of peace and absence of conflict.

Working together, people understand each other’s perspectives and reach agreements quickly and efficiently, saving time, money and stress.

Rather than merely helping broker a deal, I strive to facilitate mutually acceptable, achievable and durable solutions to problems that take into account the interests and needs of all involved.

Fighting doesn’t solve problems, but guided problem-solving can and does.

Areas of Mediation: Interpersonal Relations, Family Law, Separation, Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Visitation, Spousal Support, Domestic Partnerships, Paternity / Unmarried Parents, Property Division, High Net Worth Divorce, Palimony / Marvin, Prenuptial / Premarital Agreements, Marital Agreements, Parent-Child, Sibling-Sibling, Adult Family, Family Business, Business Divorce, Estate Planning, Trust and Estate, Probate, Conservatorship, Guardianship, Elder Care, and LGBT.

Additional Services: Consulting and Review Attorney work in Family Law matters, Conflict Resolution Consulting, Facilitating Meetings, Mediation, Empathy and Collaboration Trainings.

I have been selected as a Southern California Super Lawyer since 2012 for alternative dispute resolution (which includes mediation and collaborative law) and family law. In 2017, I won Corporate LiveWire’s Global Award for “Family Lawyer of the Year – North America” and was elected a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, in recognition of exemplary dedication to highest principles of the legal profession, commitment to the welfare of society, and support for the ideals, objectives, and work of the American Bar Foundation.


Divorce, Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence, Family Conflict, Other, Parenting, Relationship Issues

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Also: Mediation, Conflict Resolution Consulting, Family Law


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