A message from the Board about volience in our world.


As an association of psychologists, the Board of SGVPA is deeply concerned by the recent violence that has occurred both nationally and internationally, targeting the LGBTQ community, Black men, police officers, religious groups, as well as hundreds of innocents. These events are an assault on us all. They not only threaten our safety and our freedom, but they traumatize us.

Through our training, psychologists are in a unique position to understand the impact of trauma. Trauma tends to activate extreme reactions as a way to deal with vulnerability. Repeated exposure to violence through the news and Social Media coverage broadens and sustains a feeling that the world is unsafe. This is particularly difficult on those who have experienced direct violence, but strains us all.

We are particularly alarmed by how this violence has fueled hysteria and hate. We hope to strongly resist a polarization in our dialogue, and encourage a thoughtful and respectful dialogue rooted in empathy for all persons. We advocate for understanding and measures that strengthen community and build bridges between alienated groups.

SGVPA supports those of you who treat victims of violence in your therapy offices, those who treat perpetrators of violence in your therapy offices, those who do the arduous work of social reform, and those who work to keep our society safe through law enforcement and the armed forces.

While no single individual, group or country can resolve the complex issues of our world, we all have an important role to play. We encourage members to communicate their views and feelings about current events, as well as thoughts about how we as Psychologists can be more effectively involved in efforts to create solutions to the increasing violence in the world .

With sorrow and respect, The Board of SGVPA, including:

Larry Brooks, Program Chair
Jeremy Cernero, Student Chair
Suzanne Lake, Past President & Newsletter Editor
David Lorentzen, Treasurer
Karin Meiselman, SIG Chair
Ellen Miller Kwon, President
Laurie Nouguier, Membership Chair
Martin Hsia, Secretary
Wayne Kao, Diversity Chair
Dustin Plattner, Website Coordinator & LAN
Tiffany Shelton, Student Chair
Brett Veltman, Early Career Chair

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January Jubilee 2016!!

It’s time to hold the date for the annual January Jubilee—which will be held on Friday January 29, 2016!!

Remember, we are the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association… So this year, we will venture to the outer southwest edge of the San Gabriel Valley, just about 20 minutes from Pasadena proper!

Honoring our rich cultural diversity and the history of our area, January Jubilee 2016 will be held at the historic and beautiful Luminarias Restaurant – 3500 W Ramona Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754. On a hilltop in Monterey Park overlooking our sparkling, illuminated Valley.

We will honor this year’s Distinguished Member.

Come early for yummy hors d’oeuvres and drinks (from the cash bar), and plenty of opportunity to schmooze and network with friends and colleagues, visit our exhibitors, and of course, renew your SGVPA membership at a discount!

Stay for the Board Installation, a full dinner buffet, and more cavorting with friends and colleagues. Stay later for dessert and coffee. And for anyone, who wants late night entertainment, there is optional (not hosted by SGVPA) dancing to either DJ’d or live-music in the Luminarias bar.

Please encourage colleagues, SGVPA members and non-members alike to join us. Can’t wait to party with you there!

Your JJ Chair,
Elisse Blinder, Ph.D.


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Voices of Experience: Panel Discussion!

This program taps the collective wisdom of over 100 years of clinical experience. Moderator, Dr. Daniel Linscott will pose probing questions to a panel of seasoned Psychologists about their experience developing and sustaining a private practice. The panel will be followed by a speed-networking extravaganza facilitated by marketer extraordinaire Dr. Melissa Johnson.

The panel consists of the following Psychologists: Melissa Johnson, Ph.D., Wayne Kao, Psy.D.,  Larry Brooks, Ph.D., Stephanie Law Psy.D., and Jon Patrick-Pederson, Ph.D.

The will be a non CE event.

The event will be on December 11th at 12pm during the normal SGVPA Luncheon. It will be held at the same place, Women’s City Center.

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CPA-PAC Fundraiser!

Political Action Committee (CPA-PAC)


Saturday, September 26, 2015

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Psychological Turf: Advancing and Protecting Our Scope of Practice in California

Come be inspired by stories about turning professional passions into public policies that protect and advance psychology.  Learn what you may be able to do about the issues you care about.

Panelists Include:

Doug Haldeman, Ph.D., Psychologist and Activist

Caron Post, Ph.D., Executive Director, LA County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force

Amanda Levy, Director of Government Affairs, California Psychological Association

Hotel Figueroa-Downtown Los Angeles

 939 South Figueroa Street

 Los Angeles, CA 90015

Organized by LACPA, SGVPA and OCPA

Proceeds benefit the CPA-PAC

Admission: $40 Psychologists; $20 Graduate Students

To register online go to

For questions contact Debra Chase

dchase@cpapsych.org or (916) 286-7979 x117

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SGVPA Future of Psychology Scholarship

The SGVPA Future of Psychology Scholarship is now accepting applications from students and early career professionals. This $750 scholarship will be awarded to one applicant and will be used to finance attendance for a conference, workshop or other professional event of the applicant’s choosing.  Applications can be submitted starting September 1st.

For those interested in applying, here is the scoop:

  • Any SGVPA member early career psychologist (3rd year graduate student through five years post licensure) may apply.
  • Please submit a 750 word (maximum) essay by December 31, 2015 in which you describe your hopes for the future of psychology and your aspirations for your own career.
  • Please submit a separate, brief description of the event that you are proposing participating in with the funds available in the scholarship.
  • You must express your commitment to submitting a follow-up article for the SGVPA newsletter, AnalyzeThis!, in which you will share your experience of the event, and what you learned as a result of attending it.
  • Please submit two brief letters of recommendation from psychologists and one letter from your school’s Director of Clinical Training (if you are a student) to verify your standing and enrollment in school. Or, if you are already licensed, please submit a copy of your license instead.
  • Your submission should be sent to the SGVPA President, Dr. Ellen Miller Kwon at Ellen@DrEllenMillerKwon.com
  • Your application will be considered by a Scholarship Committee composed of Board members and other psychologist members of SGVPA.


For more information about the Scholarship, please review the article in the July/August Newsletter at: http://www.sgvpa.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/2015-July-Aug-.pdf


Please note: the Newsletter article stated that the scholarship was $500, but it is actually $750!


Please contact Dr. Miller Kwon with questions. Good luck!

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